18 June 2013

Jom Melamar Si Dia.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Comel pulak tengok cara melamar melalui MAKANAN ni (^_^). Jom kita terjah... 

Me and You..  Will you MARRY me ? hikhok

Say it on a pint.

Marry ME? and lets eat the Pizza.. :)
Say it with pizza.

Opppsss....WOWWW :)

With chocolates.. as sweet as chocolates :)
Say it with chocolates.

The bottom of the cup tea... Tea time (^_^)
Say it at the bottom of a coffee cup.

On the TOP... Breakfast time.. (^_^)
Or at the top.

Beware....Be careful.....
Say it with s'mores.

With a cute cupcakes.... (^_^)

With a lots of sweets and colourful CupCakes.... :)

With a sweet cookiesss....:P
Will you marry me? - 9 Cookie Gift Box - Click Image to Close

andddd the last one.....

With a sauce... :) hahaha
Say it with hot sauce.

Notes: Hava a nice days guys..