Buku Denaihati

29 November 2012

Store Your Clothes Properly


Clean Before You Keep.
Before you pack that ski jacket or woollen sweater or wore for that winter trip, have them dry-cleaned first.
Any particle left on the clothes can stain and set into fabric after month of storage. remnants of food, drink
or perspiration are food for months and other insects.

Avoid Stink Mothballs.
Besides leaving a strong, unpleasent smell on clothes, naphthalene balls cab be deadly for kids. try natural
repellents such as cedar disc, blocks or sachet instead. the essential oils in aromathic cedar give
off a scent that we love, yet repel adult moths.

Let Your Clothes Breathe.
Wrap each piece in acid-free tissue for protection:if hanging a jacket or suit, place it in a breatheable bag.
To maintains its shape,button or zip up the bag before packing. Stack your folded items loosely,
from the lightest items on top to the heaviest items on the bottom,to allow air to circulate. If hanging,
leave space between each item to avoid mildew and mold.

Get Good Hangers.
Invest in wood or padded hangers to help hold your clothes well,and not leave odd indents in your garments.
Avoid fold marks in trousers by using hangers clip.

Handle With Care.
If you're folding your wedding dress for storage, lay the hem down first, then fold the dress accordian-style with acid-free tissue paper between each fold. Stuff the bodice and sleeves with tissue so crease don't break down the fabric's fibres.

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